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Electric scooter and its controller

Author:WebmasterTime:2019-12-02Browsing (1510)

Electric scooters are more popular in Europe, America and China in recent years. On the one hand, they can provide travel for the general public, and on the other hand, they can also serve the purpose of entertainment and fitness.

However, the current common electric scooters cannot achieve a good driving feeling during the uphill process, and even the phenomenon of slipping occurs due to the high slope and insufficient drive of the scooter, which seriously affects rider safety.

Technical realization elements:
In view of the shortcomings of the prior art, the present invention provides an electric scooter controller with an uphill assist function, so as to prevent the problem that the scooter can slip during driving uphill, and the driving force is insufficient.

In order to achieve the above object, the technical solution of the present invention is: an electric power-assisted scooter controller, which includes a driving circuit, a control circuit, a sampling circuit, and a detection circuit, and simultaneously adds an angle sensing device, a torque sensing device, and a power-assisted sensing device. By detecting the tilt angle of the vehicle and the sliding force generated by the gravity of the vehicle body, the corresponding traction of the scooter is output.

Compared with the prior art, the present invention has significant advantages and beneficial effects, which are embodied as follows:

1.It has the function of assisting uphill to enhance riding feeling;

2, with anti-slip function, increase scooter riding safety;

3. With scooter slope detection function;

4, with a scooter force detection function.

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