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Electric scooter dashboard controller IC solution

Author:WebmasterTime:2019-12-02Browsing (1549)

The meter is an interactive interface between people and electric bicycles. It displays the operating parameters, battery power, mileage and other information for the driver. It is an essential part of the car. The mainstream electric bicycle meters use LCD or LED screens. There are DC-DC module, microcontroller module MCU, display module. In order to accurately test the battery voltage, the module needs to take power directly from the battery, so the instrument needs a high-voltage DC-DC module to implement power changes to supply power to other internal modules: the MCU reads the speed information from the controller, and displays it on the display after internal processing. 

Speed and mileage information is displayed on the display: at the same time, to ensure that the information on the display can be clearly seen under various lighting conditions, the display needs to adjust the backlight drive current at any time and adjust the display brightness as required. The voltage required by the MCU and the display in the meter is generally 5.0V, so the high-voltage DC-DC module can directly output 5.0V to meet the power supply requirements.

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