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Electric scooter meter description

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  Scooter meter appearance interface display generally includes operation indicator and fault indicator.
  Operation indicators: headlight indication, brake indication, speed, total mileage, power, gear, etc.
  Fault indication: brake failure, controller failure, motor failure, etc.
  1. Headlight control: Click the power button to turn on / off the headlights
  2. Zero-start / non-zero-start mode: Double-click the power button and operate according to the buzzer sound
  3.Cruise mode: Keep the throttle at a certain position for 8 seconds, then enter the constant speed cruise mode
  4. Fault mode: The alarm prompt uses the icon flashing times as the fault alarm code prompt
  5. Power display: 0-5 grid power
  6. Speed and mileage display: long press the gear button to switch modes
  7. Gear display: 1-3 gear cycle mode

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