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Electric scooter controller

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In foreign markets, electric scooters have gradually replaced pileless bicycles as the most popular single-person vehicle. The electric scooter is a four-wheeled vehicle based on a traditional scooter and an electric package. Current electric scooters are generally divided into two-wheel drive and single-wheel drive. 

The most common transmission methods are: hub motor (HUB) and belt drive. The main source of power is a lithium battery. Many markets have even begun to withdraw from bicycles, especially in small and medium-sized markets, and are turning to scooter-centric business models. Some business representatives said that they believe that the pileless bike sharing model will not make a long-term profit, and scooters are more promising to replace bicycles.

In many places, the demand for scooters exceeds bicycles. Although micro-transport companies currently favor electric scooters, they do not consider bicycles as outdated means of transportation, and may also develop the trend of electric bicycles. But with current social trends, electric scooters will succeed as a new type of transportation.

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